Bradley Ramsay

Software Developer & Founder of Continental Games

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About Ember

Ember is a social media network designed by gamers, for gamers. It exists as a responsive web app that provides a space to share content and create communities around gaming, artists and other creative endeavours.

Ember's frontend was initially built in Svelte, but was migrated over to React around May 2022 during the project's conversion to a MERN stack. This was done to roll out the beta in time for the Ember Games Expo in July 2022.

My responsibilities were:
  • Creating sections of the site from Adobe XD designs, such as the Landing Page, Community and Games Database sections
  • Creating and modifying the styling of posts on the site, as well as the general styling of the site
  • Creating GraphQL queries for email subscriptions
  • Creating, modifying and testing responsive designs for the site
  • Fixing visual and user interface bugs on the site


Tools Used

  • React JS
  • Svelte
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB
  • Docker


  • Role: Consultant, Developer
  • Team: 4 persons (1 Designer, 1 Lead developer, 2 Developers)

Project Time

  • 5 months


  • Windows